Inside Chew Tech #4 – Audio Interfacechewtv: We’ve been all hands on deck since we launched Chew on Monday – pushing out daily bug updates and occasionally the new feature. We think one of the coolest features we’ve deployed this week is our new audio interface. We’ve found that using USB audio inputs can be a bit tricky, so we’ve… After our first week we’re already adding features to make things easier for DJs streaming through the Chew web app. Check it out. Much more from Chew coming.

chewtv: It’s been a long, eventful and amazing journey. Today, 5th January 2015, we’ve launched the brand new Chew platform. If you’re a DJ, please sign up and start streaming. If you’re a music fan, check out a few of our archive shows and keep checking back as the new streams are broadcast!  Thanks to our launch […]

Inside Chew Tech #4 – Chew Guide to Live Streaming goes Open Sourcechewtv: Here at Chew, we’ve been live streaming events for a good few years now. Throughout our time doing so, we’ve discovered a lot of contradictory – and often confusing – information on nearly every aspect of live streaming an event. This ranges from lighting to cameras, encoders and audio… Really excited to open up our Chew guide to the public on GitHub!

Inside Chew Tech #3 – Live Tracklistchewtv: We’ve been hinting about it for a month or so now, but we’re rolling out our new live tracklisting feature with our current beta partners. Built with DJs in mind, Chew Live Tracklist listens to your stream’s audio and, using our fingerprinting algorithm, builds a live tracklist as the set… This has been in the works for a few months now so I’m super excited to start testing it fully.

chewtv: We’re doing a bit of research around the music industry and the internet’s impact on live music events. Spotted this slide in IMS’ annual study of the Electronic Music industry from earlier this summer.  Really interesting to see how live streamed events – in this case Hardwell’s appearance at the 2014 Ultra festival – help drive significantly […]

Today’s consumer is less interested in possessing things and more in experiencing them. That’s something the music industry needs to get its head around. Do we even need record companies any more? It’s going to be an interesting two to three years as we see this whole transition evolve. Music is always going to be […]

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We are pretty keen on running our first few live stream demos from iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus – and Austin Mann’s comprehensive review of the devices’ capabilities have got us even more excited: 

“This year I had the opportunity to be at Apple’s Keynote where they announced the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and the Watch. It was truly a sight to behold, as they unveiled each of these products in a their oh-so-Apple way (and the U2 concert was an amazing bonus!)  

"Every year, the new iPhone is packed with new features across the board but for us photographers we really just want to know one thing: what does all this mean for my camera and how does it make my pictures better than before? 

"So the night of the Keynote, in partnership w/ The Verge, I left on a mission  to find out exactly that answer and have been comparing the iPhone 5s, 6 & 6 Plus for five days in Iceland! 

"We’ve run through waterfalls, driven through storms, jumped out of a helicopter, slid down a glacier, and even slept in a cave with an entrance shaped just like Yoda (picture below)…  and best of all, the iPhone 5S, 6 and 6 Plus were with us every step of the way.  I can’t wait to share the images and results with you!”

Read the full review (and see the review images/ videos) here

We can’t wait to go live from the iPhone 6 sometime soon!

chewtv: Ever wondered what the benefits of live streaming are? We have and we’re pretty sure others have too. We’ve put together a quick list we’re calling 50 Reasons to Live Stream which you can follow here on the Chew blog.  If you attend an event we’re streaming, and you’re lucky enough to get a goody bag, you […]

Learning from Apple’s livestream perf fiascoperffail: Apple’s Sept 9th livestream got a lot of press, both good (great products), and bad: broken livestream, site downtime, and so on. We’ll leave the products to the press, but let’s dissect (some) of the perf problems… Running the livestream page through WPT shows that even without the… Some interesting ideas on some of the issues Apple experienced during their live stream this week.

The Chew Chronicles – 12/09/14chewtv: (Native Summit sketch notes by David Burton for @MSDevUK) A short round up of everything we’ve been up to this week! Work This week’s been a bit manic (but in a good way). Monday we ran the final live tests for the brand new platform (to great success). If you’ve not yet… It’s been a busy week!

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