DJ Fresh – The Gatekeeper

Throwback Friday! Have a great weekend.

Mixcloud considers adding 24/7 radio stations and live broadcastsIt’s really interesting to see Mixcloud moving into live 24/7 radio. With a tagline of “Reinventing Radio” it strikes me as bang on brand for the platform.

Major Lazer – Lean On (KREAM Remix)

Yes! Enjoy the weekend.

Tiesto’s YourShot an Interesting Glimpse in the Possible Future for Online DJ Content?

It’s interesting to see where YourShot is going with the whole DJ reality show. I find the fact that you have to have no experience to take part a bit strange – especially when in every shot Tiesto is claiming it takes years of hard work to get to the top while the entire format dictates it has to happen in a number of weeks.

Over all though I found it compelling to watch. Interested to see how it progresses.

Newsbeat, Where Have All The Clubs Gone?The BBC have released some really interesting music focussed short documentaries in the last few weeks. Many sources have been reporting the large scale closing of clubs up and down the country. Here’s the Newsbeat take.

Werkha – ‘Colours Of A Red Brick Raft’

Some Friday listening from Tru Thoughts – Werkha.

Forget GarageBand, SoundTrap is a music app for everyoneAt last years WXG conference this talk (and live SonicPi coding) lead me to discussing music interfaces and DAWs with Xavier Riley. The discussion came down to human or machine interface first systems. At the time we speculated around the Web Audio API and Stuart Memo demoed some of it’s abilities.12 months later It’s so great to see a full DAW in the works. I’m really interested to try it out and see if it ever become accepted by producers even for collaborative project with disparate musicians around the world.This is the opposite approach but the same problem as Splice is solving.

Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On (feat. Mø) (CRNKN Remix)

Some mid week beats. Definitely my favourite from the remix package.

One for your Friday! Enjoy.

Beats1 on TumblrI use Tumblr to publish my blog at Each time I log in I get a range of suggested follows which appear in a (dangerously distracting) infinite scrolling view right below what I really should be doing with is writing a post.For the years I’ve been using the site the names that have popped up as suggestions have been completely obscure. Recently though I’ve started to get drawn more and more to the big brands that appear to be jumping onto the Tumblr train.It started with MTV, then Vice (TBF I saw a few brand site Vice setup when I was working there) and recently was amazed to click through from an official Apple page to Beats1 page on at domain!What’s your favourite brand to follow on Tumblr, or does that defeat the point?

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