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chewtv: Meetups, especially tech/ startup-themed ones, are an awesome way to connect with people. We’ve attended a fair few in our time (before and after we started Chew) and have always enjoyed the excuse of meeting up with old friends and making new ones. A few weeks ago, during an Ignite session with Paul and Tristan up […]

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Twitch launches free music library for video game streamers | The VergeIt’s really interesting to see how Twitch is tackling the issue of copyrighted music on their platform.

Inside Chew Tech #5 – Advanced controlschewtv: One of the biggest pieces of feedback we’ve had over the last week (hard to believe it’s just been a week!) is the ability to run an advanced live stream through Chew. Encoder compatibility – and therefore the ability to run external video and audio sources… Today, we’re launching exactly… I’m really proud of this feature. Many platforms support third party apps. I think we’ve made things a lot simpler for now by adding in a config file download for Wirecast (Flash Media Live Encoder is coming). This lets you configure Wirecast in 2 clicks – just download and open the .wcst file. Loads more to come along these lines.

» Streaming Webcam to Tunemelt with Logo Overlay marrk.nlSince launching Chew last week we’ve had some good email exchanges with those brave enough to stream through us out of the gate. Speaking to Mark today he forwarded a blog post he did about streaming using FFmpeg to another streaming provider. This method would definitely work with Chew and we’re actually using FFmpeg internally to test a lot as well. Looking forward to seeing more creativity around stream setup as we grow.

Inside Chew Tech #4 – Audio Interfacechewtv: We’ve been all hands on deck since we launched Chew on Monday – pushing out daily bug updates and occasionally the new feature. We think one of the coolest features we’ve deployed this week is our new audio interface. We’ve found that using USB audio inputs can be a bit tricky, so we’ve… After our first week we’re already adding features to make things easier for DJs streaming through the Chew web app. Check it out. Much more from Chew coming.


Some amazing GIFs explaining 9 Principles of Responsive Design 

chewtv: It’s been a long, eventful and amazing journey. Today, 5th January 2015, we’ve launched the brand new Chew platform. If you’re a DJ, please sign up and start streaming. If you’re a music fan, check out a few of our archive shows and keep checking back as the new streams are broadcast!  Thanks to our launch […]

helloyoucreatives: In London? Check out the Startup Social Club We’re running a little meetup for Creative and Entertainment industry startups in London this January. Check it out.

The Chew Chronicles – 17/12/14chewtv: A short and sweet recap of what we’ve been up to over the last week! Our first film night at Campus North Work We’re down to our final few days at Campus North in the centre of Newcastle before heading back to London for a few weeks of rest hard work. We’ve finished with the majority… I’ve managed to get Wil into DJ Hazard!

How Major League Baseball Is Quietly Driving Live Online Video – ForbesTwitch and WWE make up 2% of Internet traffic according to this report. Interestingly Major League Baseball is driving a much larger stake and will soon be the white label provider powering Hulu in the U.S. according the the Verge.

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