Bringing Chew’s Users into the Business with Seedrs

1.1-headerFrom day one Chew has been about a community. All other mediums in the last 5 years have seen the rise of independent content creators who have become true celebrities in their own right. From Youtubers to gaming stars, why should music be any different.

Every day more content is created on Chew that one person could ever watch, and the base of creators, DJs, producers and personalities had blown up from 0 to over 18,000 in just 11 months. The extended Chew team is now over 10 people which means that every day things move faster than ever before.

These are the most exciting thing possible as a founder.

To keep Chew growing day after day we need investment and luckily we’ve got an amazing base of existing investors who were quick to come back to support us. But how could we leave it there when the platform and the vision are built on community.

That’s why this week we opened Chew to our users through a platform called Seedrs. With Seedrs you can buy shares in the company from £10-£10,000 (or more). On top of that we’re giving away levels of access to promotion and events on the Chew platform to backers more than anyone has ever received before.

Music tomorrow will be driven by a global generation of young content creators, and it’s Chew that will connect them.

Invest in Chew today.


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