Spotted this on The Verge, an absolutely amazing new drone from DJI. 

It looks wicked, it’s not too expensive and it’d be absolutely awesome for running large scale live streams like festivals. Looking forward to trying one out! 

“Watching the Inspire One take off and land is exciting, because it transforms mid-flight, with the legs folding up after takeoff so you can shoot 360 degrees of unobstructed video. The unit also has a ground-facing camera that can track what’s below and keep the unit stabilized, even when there is no GPS signal, making it much easier to fly indoors.

"The built-in camera on the Inspire One can shoot 4K video and 12 megapixel photographs. Like the high end S1000, the Inspire One also offers dual operator controls, meaning you can have a pilot and a cameraman working in tandem. It also integrates DJI’s Lightbridge system, which retailed alone for about $1,400, allowing you to see and store a 1080p video in real time at a distance of up to just over one mile.”

Drone technology is booming. This one features a 4K camera with a gyroscope that can keep the camera pointing at the same point as the drone moves around it. I can imagine some amazing opportunities streaming events with these. Saves a huge amount on a helicopter shot.


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