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Electronic music is a platform. There’s all this controversy about the word ‘EDM’ but it’s more of a platform than a genre. It’s how music is made.

Sonny Moore (aka Skrillex) talking to Katie Couric in a recent interview.

Never a truer word spoken! Like Ben’s written in a recent post, EDM (for all it’s negative connotations) is no longer an underground thing – it truly is now part of popular culture. Or, as Skrillex says, it’s how music is made these days…

(via sonnybellstwipzdance)

I agree. DJing is just a way to preform music of any genre. Electric techniques can be used to make such a range of styles no 3 letter acronym should be able to cover.


Ben Bowler is the Co-Founder of Chew, the live streaming community that connects a new generation of DJs, producers and personalities. Having built his career in music and media companies AEI Media and Vice, he noticed young fans today are no longer passive consumers but content creators as well. Launching Chew in January 2015 the community has exploded internationally in the first year and Ben has received press and industry notice, being awarded the IMS Visionaries award last year. Ben continues to build and expand Chew internationally throughout 2016.
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