New features in Facebook

As the dominant platform. What Facebook publishes is a good sign of current trends. Two recent announcements from the company have caught my eye for that reason.


You can now buy tickets right in the Facebook app. Ticketing apps have been around for years, but players like Dice are finding new ways to curate live music events and provide new experiences in ticketing. Facebook has the events so can it create an interface as good as the new third party players.

Live Streaming

One that I’m of course watching closely, even getting a mention at the BBC on the Beat event recently, live streaming has been rolling out for celebrities for a little while now. The power of Facebooks social reach really becomes clear when you see the response small artists get from using the platform. I’ll be watching closely to see how this and the Facebook video features fare in terms of impressions over time and how they’re used by DJs and artists.


Ben Bowler is the Co-Founder of Chew, the live streaming community that connects a new generation of DJs, producers and personalities. Having built his career in music and media companies AEI Media and Vice, he noticed young fans today are no longer passive consumers but content creators as well. Launching Chew in January 2015 the community has exploded internationally in the first year and Ben has received press and industry notice, being awarded the IMS Visionaries award last year. Ben continues to build and expand Chew internationally throughout 2016.
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