Beats1 on TumblrI use Tumblr to publish my blog at Each time I log in I get a range of suggested follows which appear in a (dangerously distracting) infinite scrolling view right below what I really should be doing with is writing a post.For the years I’ve been using the site the names that have popped up as suggestions have been completely obscure. Recently though I’ve started to get drawn more and more to the big brands that appear to be jumping onto the Tumblr train.It started with MTV, then Vice (TBF I saw a few brand site Vice setup when I was working there) and recently was amazed to click through from an official Apple page to Beats1 page on at domain!What’s your favourite brand to follow on Tumblr, or does that defeat the point?

Trent Reznor talks Beats Music and Apple’s secret project – CNETIt turns out that Trent Reznor – Nine Inch Nails frontman – was working for Beats during it’s acquisition by Apple recently. This interview with CNET doesn’t really give anything away but it will be interesting to see what comes out of his time at Apple.

Richard Dreyfuss reads the iTunes EULAI would pay much more attention to iTunes 65 page licence if it came in audio book format.

MacBook Air 11″ Model A1370 Teardown – iFixitThe new Air looks awesome (Mine is still more powerful though??). Loving the software on an usb key I hope OS X Lion will be available in that form.

Renting a film is the only thing which brings colour to the iTunes 10 sidebar. If I was analysing this for GCSE business I’d say that Apple plans to transition everything to the rental model. Interesting concept.

Next Apple Event Goes “Back to the Mac”The next Apple announcement looks intriguing!

My tech history in one. Ten Years. Apple [PIC]

Flood Lite: Apple’s Attention to Detail You can’t say Apple doesn’t pay attention to detail; In July 2002, Appled filed a patent for a “Breathing Status LED Indicator” (No. US 6,658,577 B2). They described it as a “blinking effect of the sleep-mode indicator in accordance with the present invention mimics the rhythm of breathing which is psychologically appealing.” The average…

Creative use of the iPod Nano.

iPod Nano Digital Name Tag (via SmackDabStudios)

The truth about the new iPods. via

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