User Onboarding | A frequently-updated compendium of web app first-run experiencesHave you come across UserOnBoard? They’re pretty detailed run throughs of the good and bad of a companies UX. Pretty cool.

chewtv: Absolutely love these illustrations of some of the world’s best clubs from Spanish designer Pablo Benito! See more here.Buy prints here.


Some amazing GIFs explaining 9 Principles of Responsive Design 

Design, Composition and PerformanceRich Hickey explores the nature of design and composition and how it impacts the software development practice and tools. “You can always build a human interface off a computer interface but the other is often disgusting” – Rick Hickey This is a super worth while talk that explores the skill of design and programming from the context of music composition and performance.

Checkout this sexy concept bus! (via Gallery | Transport for London)

Every time I talk about this people think I’m mad but isn’t this sign 100% bigger than it needs to be? If you but the womens sign on the left and the mens on the right, problem solved. Arrows? Why do you need arrows?

aLieNHeaD DeSiGNThe best designer site I’ve every come across!

thefrogman: Just downloaded the photoshop GUI template for the new iPhone OS. I wonder what kind of mischief I can do with this.