New features in Facebook

As the dominant platform. What Facebook publishes is a good sign of current trends. Two recent announcements from the company have caught my eye for that reason. Tickets You can now buy tickets right in the Facebook app. Ticketing apps have been around for years, but players like Dice are finding new ways to curate […]

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Facebook moves sideways into live streamingYouTube Live, Twitch, Periscope, Meerkat and now Facebook are all getting into live streaming for music. It’s really interesting to see how the proliferation of streaming platforms coving the space will go and perhaps lead to a consolidation at some point in the future.What we can be sure of, if Facebook use the same strategy with live video content as they have been with pure video content, these streams will be reaching a lot of eyeballs.

HackProgramming productivity without breaking things Facebook is without a doubt the biggest site running PHP today. It’s great to see inside how they work. First with HipHop for compiling and running PHP at scale and now their own version of PHP – Hack.

‘Jesus Daily’ Beats ‘Harry Potter’‘Jesus Daily’ beats ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Justin Bieber’ for the most engaged page on Facebook. LOL.

How to Sync Facebook Events with Google CalendarA very useful tip to mashup Facebooks Calendar with Google Cal.

This is where I hang out every month and talk about tech. Checkout the venue!

Facebook Developer Garage London May 2011 – event report (by Newspepper)

Facebook test users have funny names!!

Facebook Graph API ExplorerI’ve been doing some serious Facebook Development lately and this is a tool I found super useful. Suggested by Simon Cross at the last Facebook Developer Garage I was at, this little web app lets you test out any Graph of FBQL call without writing any code. Neat!

Facebook Engineering Explains “Worst Outage We’ve Had in Over Four Years”Explanation of the Facebook outage “Worst in 4 years”.

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