Google just released a paper on image recognition which has had some amazing results.. and some not so good results. But this could be massive.

The Top Google + UsersIf you want to know who to add to your Following circle, take a look at the top 100 Google + users! Mark Zuckerberg is at the top! Google Statistics on

Beta week! – Google +

It may have passed a lot of people by but last week Google launched it’s Facebook competitor. It’s stream is Twitterlike and hangouts beat Skype in a few ways… Check it out, if you need and invite email me.

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How to Sync Facebook Events with Google CalendarA very useful tip to mashup Facebooks Calendar with Google Cal.

Google add page previews to the search stream.

Find out what’s new from Google with Google New.

2600: Google BlacklistDon’t go typing ‘dirty pillowS’ into Google Instant!

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