Abandoned buildings by Susanne Helmertdubbleme: We have a special Single Sunday this week looking at the Singles of Susanne aka Susigrafie [who just won our redubble competition!] Her photos of abandoned buildings are awesome and we wanted to know more. In her words: I am just fascinated with them. What happens to things when we don’t… We’re lucky enough to share a house with the dubble app team as part of the Ignite program in Newcastle. I love this series they have on Tumblr highlighting single photos on the app each week. Add me :benbowler on dubble app for iPhone.

The most exciting feature of iOS 4.2!iOS 4.2 Will Allow iPhone Users To Set Text Tones To Contacts – iPhone Hacks

iPhone: Important information on what to bring to get your new iPhone.Apple Retail Store – iPhone at the Apple Store

thefrogman: Just downloaded the photoshop GUI template for the new iPhone OS. I wonder what kind of mischief I can do with this. 

Will You Buy the iPhone 4?  Yes.