The Japanese Music Market and Tokyo Dance Music Event

This month I’ve been exploring Tokyo. The neon city is more different from London, New York or LA than I ever could have ima…

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Speaking at Next Radio Conference: How the Radio Audience Became Broadcasters

After I landed from my Chewhiker trip at the beginning of the year I sat down with Matt Deegan at Fix 126 – one of my favour…

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New features in Facebook

As the dominant platform. What Facebook publishes is a good sign of current trends. Two recent announcements from the company have caught my eye for that reason. Tickets You can now buy tickets right in the Facebook app. Ticketing apps have been around for years, but players like Dice are finding new ways to curate […]

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Facebook moves sideways into live streamingYouTube Live, Twitch, Periscope, Meerkat and now Facebook are all getting into live streaming for music. It’s really interesting to see how the proliferation of streaming platforms coving the space will go and perhaps lead to a consolidation at some point in the future.What we can be sure of, if Facebook use the same strategy with live video content as they have been with pure video content, these streams will be reaching a lot of eyeballs.

Video Games Killed the Radio Star

Response to the article Video Games Killed the Radio Star by Stephen Phillips In this piece Stephen Phillips of the Hunted fame give a really interesting comparison and analysis of the similarities and differences between gaming and music in their current forms and how that informs live streaming in each of the respective verticals. He […]

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In the latest from Chris Plante’s series of podcasts on The Verge, Ben Popper explains what is Live Streaming? A lot of their discussion centres on live streaming in the social and reality space and Josh Harris’s early experimentations live streaming a pod hotel in downtown Manhattan as well as rigging his flat up with cameras. If you haven’t seen We Live in Public I highly recommend it.

Livestream Broadcaster Mini and Pro (pictures) – Page 3 – CNETThese two little boxes make it easy and more affordable for anyone to wirelessly broadcast full HD video from just about anywhere. – Page always smash it with their hardware. They’re new Broadcaster mini is spot on. Build for that Go Pro stream!

Inside Chew Tech #5 – Advanced controlschewtv: One of the biggest pieces of feedback we’ve had over the last week (hard to believe it’s just been a week!) is the ability to run an advanced live stream through Chew. Encoder compatibility – and therefore the ability to run external video and audio sources… Today, we’re launching exactly… I’m really proud of this feature. Many platforms support third party apps. I think we’ve made things a lot simpler for now by adding in a config file download for Wirecast (Flash Media Live Encoder is coming). This lets you configure Wirecast in 2 clicks – just download and open the .wcst file. Loads more to come along these lines.

» Streaming Webcam to Tunemelt with Logo Overlay marrk.nlSince launching Chew last week we’ve had some good email exchanges with those brave enough to stream through us out of the gate. Speaking to Mark today he forwarded a blog post he did about streaming using FFmpeg to another streaming provider. This method would definitely work with Chew and we’re actually using FFmpeg internally to test a lot as well. Looking forward to seeing more creativity around stream setup as we grow.

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