NY:LON Connect and Music Startup Positivity. – The New Wave of Inventive Music Startups

A couple of weeks ago I was on a panel discussing investment in music startups as part of MusicAlly’s NY:LON Connect event a…

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Mixcloud considers adding 24/7 radio stations and live broadcastsIt’s really interesting to see Mixcloud moving into live 24/7 radio. With a tagline of “Reinventing Radio” it strikes me as bang on brand for the platform.

Dance Music Genre Trends from Beatport

It’s old data now but this graph from a 2014 Mixmag article shows some amazing trends in dance music genres and their popularity. Particularly of interest to me was the rise and rise of Deep House and the Everest of a peak which is Dubstep.

Facebook moves sideways into live streamingYouTube Live, Twitch, Periscope, Meerkat and now Facebook are all getting into live streaming for music. It’s really interesting to see how the proliferation of streaming platforms coving the space will go and perhaps lead to a consolidation at some point in the future.What we can be sure of, if Facebook use the same strategy with live video content as they have been with pure video content, these streams will be reaching a lot of eyeballs.

Forget GarageBand, SoundTrap is a music app for everyoneAt last years WXG conference this talk (and live SonicPi coding) lead me to discussing music interfaces and DAWs with Xavier Riley. The discussion came down to human or machine interface first systems. At the time we speculated around the Web Audio API and Stuart Memo demoed some of it’s abilities.12 months later It’s so great to see a full DAW in the works. I’m really interested to try it out and see if it ever become accepted by producers even for collaborative project with disparate musicians around the world.This is the opposite approach but the same problem as Splice is solving.

Video Games Killed the Radio Star

Response to the article Video Games Killed the Radio Star by Stephen Phillips In this piece Stephen Phillips of the Hunted fame give a really interesting comparison and analysis of the similarities and differences between gaming and music in their current forms and how that informs live streaming in each of the respective verticals. He […]

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Instagram is launching a dedicated music accountWith the average user and outlets like MTV already sharing tons of music-focused content online, Instagram is launching a music-focused stream of its own. Simply called @music, the account will…It’s interesting to see Instagram’s approach to foster music on it’s platform. Twitter’s attempt fell flat and was quickly buried, here Instagram are going for a real underground/unsigned approach. We’ll all be following closely I’m sure.

Another panel this week. This time on music licencing with views from either side of the table.

Beatport goes live on mobile devices, offering millions of EDM songs freeThe Beatport music streaming service for DJs is expanding with the launch of a new iOS and Android app that will offer access to free tunes.Really interested to see the direction Beatport is taking. I’ve checked out the app and it’s very much the dance music Spotify.