Podcast Pick: The Pessimists Archive

Read any headlines recently about how technology is ruining our lives or perhaps the lives of our children? That’s nothing n…

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Podcast Pick: Such Great Heights – A New Music Industry Podcast

Last week I finally managed to meet Sunny, a music industry blogger wrioting on his self titled website. Whilst chatting he mentio…

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Podcast Pick: Motive Unknown

I’m a keen podcast consumer. Scrolling through my subscriptions for music industry inspiration I want to feature some of my …

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Become A DJ Podcast #007 – Interview with Ben Bowler from Chew and mix by Lucien Biscop

A couple of weeks ago I sat down at the BECOMEADJ studio in Shepherds Bush to speak on my background, successes and challenges with Chew so far.

The studio has a great community of DJs and producers who have quickly picked up on streaming sets from the studio on a regular basis – their next show is tonight. Watch BECOMEADJ on Chew.

Another great interview from this podcast series is with Dan Formless of Hoxton Forward Movement.

Eddy Temple-Morris – Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip #31 by Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip | AcastBeginning with a looking into mental illness and the taboo that surrounds it – one of the deepest and most heart felt topics in my podcast feed to date – Pip goes on to talk through the career of Eddy Temple-Morris.An interesting character in music from shows on the BBC to what sounds like an truly unexpected transition to MTV it’s well worth a listen. 

The StartUp Podcast is back. Last season Alex documented the process of funding and starting up his own podcast company Gimlet Media often going into great details of his failures (Checkout the episode where he bombs pitching to Chris Sacca).

Now their back with a new season focusing on the stories of other startups. Well worth subscribing.

In the latest from Chris Plante’s series of podcasts on The Verge, Ben Popper explains what is Live Streaming? A lot of their discussion centres on live streaming in the social and reality space and Josh Harris’s early experimentations live streaming a pod hotel in downtown Manhattan as well as rigging his flat up with cameras. If you haven’t seen We Live in Public I highly recommend it.

Work in startups and want to sound smart?A list of some essential podcasts to binge on The re-emergence of podcasts has taken me by surprise in the last year. My subscription list has easily doubled in that period. Here’s some #Startup specific ones to make you sounds smart.