New features in Facebook

As the dominant platform. What Facebook publishes is a good sign of current trends. Two recent announcements from the company have caught my eye for that reason. Tickets You can now buy tickets right in the Facebook app. Ticketing apps have been around for years, but players like Dice are finding new ways to curate […]

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Beats1 on TumblrI use Tumblr to publish my blog at Each time I log in I get a range of suggested follows which appear in a (dangerously distracting) infinite scrolling view right below what I really should be doing with is writing a post.For the years I’ve been using the site the names that have popped up as suggestions have been completely obscure. Recently though I’ve started to get drawn more and more to the big brands that appear to be jumping onto the Tumblr train.It started with MTV, then Vice (TBF I saw a few brand site Vice setup when I was working there) and recently was amazed to click through from an official Apple page to Beats1 page on at domain!What’s your favourite brand to follow on Tumblr, or does that defeat the point?

Startup Social Club

chewtv: Meetups, especially tech/ startup-themed ones, are an awesome way to connect with people. We’ve attended a fair few in our time (before and after we started Chew) and have always enjoyed the excuse of meeting up with old friends and making new ones. A few weeks ago, during an Ignite session with Paul and Tristan up […]

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helloyoucreatives: In London? Check out the Startup Social Club We’re running a little meetup for Creative and Entertainment industry startups in London this January. Check it out.

The Top Google + UsersIf you want to know who to add to your Following circle, take a look at the top 100 Google + users! Mark Zuckerberg is at the top! Google Statistics on Solves Your Online Identity Disorder | Fast CompanyDoes bring anything to your online identity?