Dolla Dolla Bill, Y’AllFans have now given artists $100 million USD through Bandcamp. Fans give artists $3.5 million every month on the site, and buy more than 16,000 records a day, which works out to about one every fiv…From the back of yesterdays video where Ministry of Sound faced off against free streaming services Deezer and Rdio it’s interesting to see Bandcamp announcing big numbers in direct sales to artists. Bandcamp is know for supporting pay what you like and mixed digital, physical and merchandise bundle sales for artists.

Currently there’s a clash between labels and freemium music services like Rdio and Deezer. I’m not sure that both sides were fully represented in this panel but it’s interesting to hear the voice of a label like Ministry of Sound in this discussion.

Inside Chew Tech #5 – Advanced controlschewtv: One of the biggest pieces of feedback we’ve had over the last week (hard to believe it’s just been a week!) is the ability to run an advanced live stream through Chew. Encoder compatibility – and therefore the ability to run external video and audio sources… Today, we’re launching exactly… I’m really proud of this feature. Many platforms support third party apps. I think we’ve made things a lot simpler for now by adding in a config file download for Wirecast (Flash Media Live Encoder is coming). This lets you configure Wirecast in 2 clicks – just download and open the .wcst file. Loads more to come along these lines.

» Streaming Webcam to Tunemelt with Logo Overlay marrk.nlSince launching Chew last week we’ve had some good email exchanges with those brave enough to stream through us out of the gate. Speaking to Mark today he forwarded a blog post he did about streaming using FFmpeg to another streaming provider. This method would definitely work with Chew and we’re actually using FFmpeg internally to test a lot as well. Looking forward to seeing more creativity around stream setup as we grow.

The Chew Chronicles – 19/09/14chewtv: A short round up of everything we’ve been up to this week! Work If we thought last week was manic, this week has been a whole new level of madness. We’ve had two potentially huge phone interviews (more info on that when we can share), met with a company that reaches 85% of US… Interesting to see brands like Virgin Media embracing live streaming.