Mixcloud considers adding 24/7 radio stations and live broadcastsIt’s really interesting to see Mixcloud moving into live 24/7 radio. With a tagline of “Reinventing Radio” it strikes me as bang on brand for the platform.

Croydon Tech City – Early Supporters of Chew – Hit the BBC

It’s really good to see Croydon Tech City getting some attention. It’s a great community and has been very supportive of Chew from day one – me being an honorary South Londoner.

Electronic music is a platform. There’s all this controversy about the word ‘EDM’ but it’s more of a platform than a genre. It’s how music is made. Sonny Moore (aka Skrillex) talking to Katie Couric in a recent interview. Never a truer word spoken! Like Ben’s written in a recent post, EDM (for all it’s […]

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Chew.tv: “A sideline project [turned] into something more.”It’s funny how the same story can be told many ways. Often the path only becomes clearer the further down it you are. After pitching Chew at the recent TechPitch 4.5 event I was lucky enough to speak to Gayle who wrote this piece about the origins of Chew and I love the way it’s put together. Looking forward to speaking again in future.If you’re in London on Wednesday the 27th of May and you want to hear me speak then make sure to come down to StrategyEye’s ‘The Future of Music’ event.

Young Guns Network – IMS 2014 – UKF / Boiler Room / Eton MessyLast year at IMS a few ex-colleagues of mine spoke on a panel for the Young Guns Network. UKF, Boiler Room, Eton Messy and Noisey covers the spectrum of current new music content producers leading the way today so it’s great to see their outlook.

Chew hopes to entice superstars to its ‘Twitch for DJs’ live-streaming serviceBut the British startup will still focus on grassroots, insisting real power in global community is with bedroom DJsThe first 3 months for Chew things have accelerated to break neck speed. From a super simple MVP in January to 4000 DJs. In this article Stuart picked through our hour long interview for our plans and our challenges over the coming 6 months. I’m excited to see where we get in that time. 

In the latest from Chris Plante’s series of podcasts on The Verge, Ben Popper explains what is Live Streaming? A lot of their discussion centres on live streaming in the social and reality space and Josh Harris’s early experimentations live streaming a pod hotel in downtown Manhattan as well as rigging his flat up with cameras. If you haven’t seen We Live in Public I highly recommend it.

The DJ Revolution Will Be Televised“Think of Chew as the ‘Twitch.tv for DJs’,” says Chew co-founder Wil Benton. “It’s a platform where DJs can learn from one another, enjoy each other’s…If you missed it a few days ago Chew was featured in TechCrunch. Things have come a long way from working on the Overground trains in and out of town to meeting up with Wil and working in Google Campus all the way to Campus North and Ignite.I’m really looking forward to what’s to come.

Livestream Broadcaster Mini and Pro (pictures) – Page 3 – CNETThese two little boxes make it easy and more affordable for anyone to wirelessly broadcast full HD video from just about anywhere. – Page 3Livestream.com always smash it with their hardware. They’re new Broadcaster mini is spot on. Build for that Go Pro stream!

New Year, New News from Mixcloudnikhilshah: Every so often we share an email update to all our Mixcloud friends and family about our latest news. Here’s the update that we sent out this week. Hello, I’m delighted to share a short update from Mixcloud to kick off the new year. We recently celebrated our 5th… Amazing to see Mixcloud reach 5yo and how much they’ve grown since the days in AEI’s offices.

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