Why I think it’s imporant to DJ at a DJ Startup

When I visited the Splice tech office just of Venice beach, I loved the fact that every person on every desk had their own little …

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YouTube will now show 360-degree video adsAlways at the cutting edge, it’s great to see YouTube launcing 360-degree video ads in the platform. It would be amazing from the advertisers point of view to get a real insight into users interaction on an ad based on where the user is looking.I’ll be interested to see which advertisers jump on this first!

Really interesting morning watch. Here Leo Laporte leads a panel on the future of broadcasting.

Design, Composition and PerformanceRich Hickey explores the nature of design and composition and how it impacts the software development practice and tools. “You can always build a human interface off a computer interface but the other is often disgusting” – Rick Hickey This is a super worth while talk that explores the skill of design and programming from the context of music composition and performance.

Video Tracking and Video AnalyticsThis looks like an interesting video technology. What differentiates it from Youtube stats though?