Some amazing GIFs explaining 9 Principles of Responsive Design 

FitText – A plugin for inflating web typeIf you want print quality text that fits your design at all sizes this is worth checking out. It makes is super easy to add text to your layout with transitions applied without worrying about break points. Definitely going to give this a try for Chew.

WordPress Admin in 3.2

I’ve been using WordPress for a long time. This is the first time the admin interface has seen an overhaul, what do you think?

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Beta week! – Beatport HTML5

The second beta (Now open) of the week, Beatport in HTML5 will finally get me to buy from Beatport. Before all I saw when I went there was a massive flash-block icon! I can also confirm it does indeed have the HTML5 doctype; <!DOCTYPE html>

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‘s back with jQuery!Just what you wanted to hear! You can start using <marquee> again with this jQuery pluggin.

Amazingly Fully Featured Decks in BrowserThis is a wicked little browser demo. So good the actual website is down so I’m yet to try it myself! YouTube – Wheels Of Steel Prototype – Cueing, Pitch and Beat Matching / Mixing (scratch/demo routine)

Facebook Graph API ExplorerI’ve been doing some serious Facebook Development lately and this is a tool I found super useful. Suggested by Simon Cross at the last Facebook Developer Garage I was at, this little web app lets you test out any Graph of FBQL call without writing any code. Neat!