I’m launching 7 new startups as I cycle around the world.

Click here to read the full 7 startups story on my blog.

Here’s what I’ve launched so far:

Startup #1: SendMusic (Co-Founder)

This first startup is all thanks to my friend Kemal. As I was prepping to leave London, he showed me a project he’d been working on for months – SendMusic – and as soon as I saw it I was in. At its core, SendMusic gets new music into the world by offering tools for the music industry to manage and share music.

Read more on the SendMusic Blog.

Startup #2: StreamOn (Founder)

Continuing on from where I left off with Chew, StreamOn lets live streamers broadcast to multiple live streaming platforms from a single connection, saving bandwidth, CPU and reaching a new audience all in one.

Join the StreamOn Beta.

Startup #3: ??????????????


Startup #4: ??????????????


Startup #5: ??????????????


Startup #6: ??????????????


Startup #7: ??????????????



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