Ben Around the World Diary – Day 156 – 1st December 2019

– ODO- 19476-19631km
– Location- The Forest south of the highlands, Vietnam
– Weather- 21-36 clear

I got groped today. The moped drivers of Vietnam have been relaxed on the whole. Compared to the North Indian selfie bro’s who compete to drive you off the roads the Vietnamese riders have been relaxed if a little gap hazard in their trajectories. This morning though a guy drive up beside me closer than anyone has so far and made a wanking gesture in his crotch. I said hello and no and waved him on and looked forward to avoid giving him any more attention all within seconds. In the same instant, he reached and grabbed my crotch through my shorts. I was startled and grabbed the breaks diverting into a coffee shop and waiting until he crested the hill and disappeared.

Later on, he came back. As he came near I gave him a shove to get him out of my space and he swerved. No trucks were coming this time. He sped up and punched out at my arm but got the message and rode off.

For the afternoon I was shocked. Aware suddenly of my loneliness and feeling an outcast, different from everybody on the street or in the shops. I was angry and upset. I wanted to be ignored. I wanted to disappear. For nobody to notice me even to wave and say hello with a smile.

I made it 155km in total today. I’ve spoken to friends and my partner about what happened and am feeling calm once again. Tomorrow I’ll be in Cambodia. Tonight I need to sleep to regain my motivation to keep going in such a foreign land.


Hi, my names Ben and I’m traveling around the world with my bike, my paraglider and my laptop. Along the way I’m sharing the highs and lows of the life on the road. And my picks of the best places to bikepack, enjoy freeflight and work as a digital nomad. Each week I share a new video update, city guide or live streams with other adventurers I’ve met along the way.
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