Ben Around the World Diary – Day 168 – 9th February 2020

Ben Around the World Diary – Day 168 – 9th February 2020

– ODO- 21166-21317km
– Location- Outside Wiang Sa, near an open cast mine, Thailand
– Weather- 25-32 showers in the afternoon

Last night I pulled a long ride so I could get a shower. Two nights among the palms and town days peaking at 36 degrees much of the day made me feel gross and made every piece of clothing slightly damp. I picked a resort ahead and pushed on.

It’s easy to forget the day of the week when you’re out of a regular schedule. As I pulled up to the resort the carpark was full with pickup trucks. I continued past the cafe, around the giant kangaroo statue (?!?) and into the reception. The staff were friendly as anywhere I’d been in Thailand and they gave me my key, took my payment, lead my bike into a meeting room to lock it up before I managed to get any of my stuff out. On returning to give me access they let me know there was a beach party tonight. It was a Saturday night and the moon was full.

I showered, rang Naomi, washed my clothes, and headed out into the beach. The sun has set but there was a last glint of light in the sky behind the trees on shore. The ocean was light in a mile wide beam, the moon glowing bright in a thin haze. Brighter than the weak lights on the lonely boats still out to sea.

There wasn’t one beach party, there were two. I checked out the first, waked by the pool, full of kids splashing and headed to the cafe for a dinner of noodles and fried vegetables. Here in the cafe was the younger group, playing some hip hop inspired Thai pop classics before switching to karaoke as my food arrived. I ended up sitting behind the screen so for the remainder of the night I was serenaded by the party until I retired unfashionably early for my air conditioning and clean sheets.


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