Ben Around the World Diary – Day 51 – 25th September 2018

Ben Around the World Diary – Day 51 – 25th September 2018

  • ODO 6018km
  • Location Sakdrioni, Georgia
  • Weather 8-22 Strong side becoming head wind

I like Georgia already. On my climb up to the border I though over all of the experiences I’d had on Turkey. From being offered food and pastries at the top of a big climb to innumerable chai stops with workman and families alike. More recently the stone throwing and cap gun shooting teens. The eagles souring above the breathtaking mountains. My new found strength passing 2000m passes one after another.

The border crossing went smoothly despite some communication trouble on the Georgian side. Rolling onto the same lakeside, now in an new country, shows how little difference there is between countries if you look below your feet. I did notice a new abundance of trees where Turkey had been very barren. I rode late into the day to find a cash machine and get supplies. No supermarket chains here. The counters in the small markets displayed many types of sausage but a frustrating lack of cheese and beans – my staple for recent weeks. I bought some smelly hard cheese with the appearance of a sponge and some biscuits.

After eating I continued to roll through the town on my doomed attempt to find a phone shop to buy a SIM card for my phone. About the time the schools were letting out. As I rolled through village after village the older kids reached out their hands – not another stoning I thought – no they wanted high fives. I can live with this.


Ben Bowler is the Co-Founder of Chew, the live streaming community that connects a new generation of DJs, producers and personalities. Having built his career in music and media companies AEI Media and Vice, he noticed young fans today are no longer passive consumers but content creators as well. Launching Chew in January 2015 the community has exploded internationally in the first year and Ben has received press and industry notice, being awarded the IMS Visionaries award last year. Ben continues to build and expand Chew internationally throughout 2016.
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