Ben Around the World Diary – Day 54 – 20th November 2018

Ben Around the World Diary – Day 54 – 20th November 2018

  • ODO: 6345km
  • Location: between Khed and Chiplun
  • Weather: 24-30 Overcast and light rain. Humid

After the oppressive heat of yesterday’s midday sun, the blanket of cloud that built from the south is like dipping your bare feet into a stream after a long days hiking. With occasional light drizzle bringing up the humidity my morning has been fairly smooth. Sticking to a nice 26 degrees. My legs are weak after the first full day and my eyes are drooping from a rough nights sleep. I can really feel the break from the bike. So I’m glad I’ve got the break from the heat today.

Each day I eat so well from a range for veg restaurants on the side of the road and my small hotel I paid far too much for last night. The joy of eating after so much exertion is something very special. It’s the best kind of satiation. Eating a paneer masala with a stack of fresh roti, right hand only, tearing off the bread and spooning the sauce and cheese with the deep red oil coating my fingers. It’s definitely not high-performance sports food but the joy of eating is real.

I’ve stopped for lunch before the first real climb of this leg. 400m to a pass up ahead. I can’t say I feel ready. I have the whole afternoon free though. When I can muster the desire to move again I’ll stick my bike in the lowest gear, put an audiobook on and get churning.



Hi, my names Ben and I’m traveling around the world with my bike, my paraglider and my laptop. Along the way I’m sharing the highs and lows of the life on the road. And my picks of the best places to bikepack, enjoy freeflight and work as a digital nomad. Each week I share a new video update, city guide or live streams with other adventurers I’ve met along the way.
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