Ben Around the World Diary – Day 74 – 18 February 2019

Ben Around the World Diary – Day 74 – 18 February 2019

– ODO- 9254 – 9402
– Location- Singarayakonda, India
– Weather- 26-36 degrees

Not much to report today. I slept better outside last night than in the hotel the night before. Laying on top of my sleeping bag and roll mat completely starkers apart from my pants.

I lose a degree off the peak temperature for every 200km I go north. By the time I reach Agra I’m hoping things will be a little more bearable. My left leg is still causing some aches but nothing that’s stopping me riding. I’m sure a physio would have different ideas. The occasional ibuprofen and an ever-increasing batch of stretches keep me on the road.


Hi, my name is Ben and I’m a startup founder and adventurer. Highlights of my career include building three startups from zero to exit (, StreamOn and working on Aux) and cycling – halfway – around the world in 2018. Subscribe for updates, blog posts and videos on my startup life and adventure travels.
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