Ben Around the World Diary – Day 83 – 27 February 2019

Ben Around the World Diary – Day 83 – 27 February 2019

– ODO- 10534 – 10676
– Location- Malthone, Utter Pradesh, India
– Weather- 12-24 degrees, rain!!

The last time I saw rain was in Georgia over four months ago. I’d almost forgotten what it feels like. Since crossing the shallow range of hills cutting across Madhya Pradesh the scenery has changed to lush green fields of crops lining each side of the road.

When I was on the coasts or working in Bangalore big clouds would often form in the afternoon. The force of the sun warming the earth over 35 degrees sucks whatever moisturiser remains near the surface. But those clouds never broke. Whenever I mentioned the possibility of rain to locals they laughed. Even the Apple weather app often reported a chance of rain. They should just ask the locals. But here where the land raises up a few hundred meters, the temperature drops and the heavy air moves in from all sides the clouds finally broke.

I could see it coming and got my jacket on early. I’m enjoying the new climate. With temperatures sitting between 15-25 I can wear my light fleece in the morning and I don’t sweat litres cycling in the afternoon. With my jacket on I was overheating for once. Trucks stopped either side of the road to pull tarpaulin over their loads. I don’t know if a lot of them have wipers. But the rain came in showers and the sky became grey-blue never black and the air was bright. The concrete dust, orange powder and grit from the road mixed into tricolour rivulets down my bottles and frame. My bike needs a wash. The water also washes off the grease from my gears making them audibly squeak with each pedal strike. The same grit is flung onto my legs. I need a wash too.


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