Ben Around the World Diary – 29th May 2018

Ben Around the World Diary – 29th May 2018

  • ODO 1324km
  • Location A forest outside of Edling, Germany
  • Weather 18-27℃ mostly overcast alto stratus
  • Feelings After a slow morning I ended the day on the highest point of the trip.

I was slow going in the morning, being woken by a dog walker who had a massive attack dog but believed it wouldn’t harm a fly. I could see from it’s eyes that it would have gone right for me if it wan’t on a lead. And even that barely stopped it. I’ve got a growing hatred of dogs and trucks since my main job each day has been to ride my bike.

On the hills just down from my campsite I met Marina. A Dutch graduate who was cycling from her home to Lake Gada in Italy over 2 months. She was in good spirits and those rubbed off on me for the rest of the day.

Somehow I got into a real zone pedalling and, with Munich approaching I had to make the decision to stop there or power on to the countryside on the other side. Because of the flatness I was feeling great and averaging a great pace as well. By 4pm I had reached 100km, usually I get to that point closer to 7pm. As the roads kept rolling on past my mood got higher and higher. I was almost disappointed to have to stop.

I pulled into a forest clearing just before sunset, my GPS is reading 172.2km. By the time I finished food, washing and putting the tent up it was dark.

I’m interested to see how achy I feel tomorrow!


Hi, my name is Ben and I’m a startup founder and adventurer. Highlights of my career include building three startups from zero to exit (, StreamOn and working on Aux) and cycling – halfway – around the world in 2018. Subscribe for updates, blog posts and videos on my startup life and adventure travels.
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