Childhood Memories – Ben Around the World Diary – Day 76 – 20 February 2019

Childhood Memories – Ben Around the World Diary – Day 76 – 20 February 2019

– ODO- 9512 – 9738
– Location- Hyderabad, India
– Weather- 26-35 degrees

Childhood Memories

Yesterday was my dads birthday. After 169km I made it to my OYO hotel just as the sun set. Jostling with the autos along the highway into Hyderabad. Mixing the dust and diesel fumes in my lungs. I ordered Mc Donald’s (which has an unbelievable vegetarian menu here) using an app called Swiggy, and settled into the aircon, socks and shirt drying on the pleather chair. The ceiling fan rocking gently and squeaking like a hamster ball.

I used to travel a lot with my dad when I was really small. Too young to remember really. I have glimpses of memories of Ushion the cushion (a pale blue pillow I used to carry around instead of a teddy bear, my sister sewed a face on it later in its life) on various planes and of fireflies over another European capital. But most likely I built these memories later from photos or was told.

I do remember dreaming a lot about travel. When I looked at the glowing globe I kept in my room I used to imagine all of the people in all of the countries in colourful childish colours. Zoom out from my bedroom to the house the street and imagine all of the lives. The brothers and sister. The arguments and hugs. Everyone sharing a story as involved (and self-involved) as mine.

My sister and I used to spin the globe, eyes closed, and stop it at random with our finger. One day we would be there. I span the globes. India.


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