Coronavirus – Day 182/183 – 15 March 2020

– ODO-22787-22850km
– Location- London, United Kingdom

After a morning cycling as normal in the extreme Indonesia heat, my plans changed drastically. I spoke to my partner Naomi back in England and realised that the Coronavirus situation was becoming grave. I’d been watching it closely since January when I flew back to Bangkok and cycled through effected Malaysia and Singapore, but at each point, travel wasn’t restricted and life was continuing mostly as normal, with a few more masks and temperature checks.

This weekend, things changed, with the US banning travel and other countries following suit, closing borders and implementing lockdown.

I decided I needed to be back in England before I was stuck in an Indonesian town.

You can see the whole story here:


Hi, my names Ben and I’m traveling around the world with my bike, my paraglider and my laptop. Along the way I’m sharing the highs and lows of the life on the road. And my picks of the best places to bikepack, enjoy freeflight and work as a digital nomad. Each week I share a new video update, city guide or live streams with other adventurers I’ve met along the way.
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