Introducing Aux Beta

Introducing Aux Beta

Todays the day the Aux team and I have been working towards for months now, Beta launch day! We’re excited for you to try out this first step in our journey to create the ultimate platform to support and grow music creators’ careers. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re established in your field we’re building Aux to help you make more great music. How are we doing it? By using the latest technology to backup, sync and organise your music projects and help you connect and share your music more effectively with your existing collaborators or a new network through the Aux Guide.

Features to Try Today

For our first beta release we’ve focused in on the core features of the platform. Here is what you can try today in the Aux app on the web:

  1. Upload your music files – It all starts here, upload your music projects or bouncedowns to keep them securely backed up and to share them with others.

  1. Create projects to manage your files – Manage your music files in projects, they can be private or shared and synced with collaborators profiles.

  1. Connect with over 200 music businesses around the UK – Checkout the Aux Guide, a hand-curated list of companies to help you boost your career, from local labels to recording studios and

Roadmap and Getting Involved

This is just the beginning of our Beta process, designed to get the tool in the hands of artists like you and we want your help. We want to know how this tool fits in your workflow and what you would like to see in the next release of the app. There are two routes to get involved; you can submit features ideas directly to our public roadmap and email your thoughts questions and ideas directly to the Aux team.


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