My New Startup: Audio for Mac – Now on Kickstarter

My New Startup: Audio for Mac – Now on Kickstarter

Back my new project:

A few months ago, I started building a music management app. As a music collector, I have thousands of lossless and high-quality music files in my library. And working in the music industry, my hard drive is a mess of samples, edits and mastering files.

Then Apple announced that they are cancelling iTunes and I knew this was more than just a side project.

Introducing Audio – The Music App for Collectors and Industry Professionals.

The Audio app is designed from the ground up using the latest Apple technologies to create a smooth experience for your Mac.

The core features include:

– Clean listings, lightning fast search and simple and powerful playlists
– Full quality audio playback for FLAC, AIFF and WAV files as well as your MP3 collection
– Export any file to MP3 right from the menu

Audio stores your files in native folders – without proprietary library files to get corrupted. Because of this, you can Sync your library between Macs with iCloud Dropbox or any other cloud service.

And of course, no Mac app is complete without a stunning Dark Mode.

Read the full story on Kickstarter:

And join the beta invite list at:


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