Speaking at SXSW: Tech Nation and the Disruption of Music

Speaking at SXSW: Tech Nation and the Disruption of Music

I just so happens that my trip around North America staying and playing with the community of Chew DJs and producers also coincides with South by South West.

It’s well known to be an international shit show of tech, film, music and excessive alcohol consumption. That’s why as I’ve traveled from state to state I’ve been working towards Austin with the hope that someone will give me an excuse to join the madness.

It’s an honour then to be invited by TechCity to speak on their Tech Nation and the Disruption of Music panel giving the music platform perspective. Alongside me on the panel will be Nico Perez from Mixcloud and Vince Bannon from Getty. Hosted by Mike Butcher from TechCrunch.

Find full details of the event right here on Eventbrite.

If you’re in Austin for SXSW get in touch and keep an eye on the blog for more on my trip and the outcomes of SXSW.


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