Thanks for Supporting Chew in 2015 – Year in Review

Thanks for Supporting Chew in 2015 – Year in Review

Don’t forget – I know you’re sick of hearing about it – but I need your help with our crowdfunding campaign. You can buy shares for as little as £10 on Seedrs just click here, or to share a tweet for the campaign click here.

As we all get over our New Years hangovers, come back into the office and Chew’s first birthday approaches it seemed like a great time to highlight what’s been a great first year building Chew. Here’s to a more successful 2016!

From Proof of Concept to Thriving Community


Chew from Proof of concept to Thriving Community

Launching with a proof of concepts to a active community broadcasting more content that any one person could watch in a day, every day in just 12 months!

Super Engaged Community

The core concept for Chew from the beginning has been to connect the worlds DJs from around the world. And it’s exciting to see that we were right. DJs from over 130 countries have broadcast to viewers in over 190 countries. More exciting still the average broadcast length is over 2 hours with our longest community shows topping 24 hours! Since we launched v1 of chat shows have on average over 30 messages each, with some reaching over 1000 on every stream. Checkout the top channels and shows from 2015 a little further down.

Top Level Partnerships

Chew’s strength is our community of amateurs, but that doesn’t mean bigger names can’t get into the mix. In the last 12 months we’ve featured content from Barcelona rooftops at Sonar festival with DJ Mag, 24 hour of techno from Data Transmission and Wunderground, label take overs with LabelWorx, launched our radio product with Hoxton FM and partied with Ram Records at ADEmake sure you get involved for 2016.

In the Press

Chew was featured over 30 times in some amazing publications from Tech Crunch and The Guardian to DJ Mag, Data Transmission, MusicAlly and Digital DJ Tips, find the full list of press links right here.

From Two to Ten

Starting with myself and Wil and growing to an extended team of full time, interns and advisors of 10 Chew has some great minds in the mix.

Top Shows and Users for 2015

Top Shows (by time watched)
1 Hoxton FM Studio LIVE
3 The Shourai & Gravy Summer Show
4 Dyme & Friends – 24 hours vs SMA
5 VROOM 100 // Jahnky b2b Agbo
6 WELCOME 3.0 – LIVE STREAM // October 3, 2015
7 Beat Boss 2 Live
9 Dubbacle & Korrupt – ‘I Missed Out On DMZ 10’ Session
10 ClouwdNine x FKOF soundclash
Top Users (by plays)
1 Hoxton FM
2 IRFRadioFest
3 Sub FM
4 GetDarker
5 RAM Records
6 The Experiment
7 Natura Electronica
8 Igor Inkey
9 Behind This Wall
10 ModeFM


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