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Why DJs Need to do More Than Mix – Spotify Party

Why DJs Need to do More Than Mix – Spotify Party

Everyone is a DJ. It’s true more and more every day.

But as is the way with technology, the democratisation of the skill does not always lead to dilution of the profession. In terms of DJs, while it’s never been easier to become a DJ, professional DJs are now earning more that ever before in history. Showing the amateur interest drives global recognition.

There have been a few interesting developments on the amateur/consumer end of the scale recently, apps like Pacemaker and Crossfader (Who we’re partnering up with to stream their first UK mixup live on Chew!) allow anyone to get the thrill of the perfect mix with streaming music right on a mobile device. At the same time Spotify introduce their party mode where the software itself can mix your perfect backdrop to you party. 

This means today, more that ever, DJ’s need to do more that just mix.

Have you seen any interesting new performance techniques DJs are using? – Reply in the comments below.


Ben Bowler is the Co-Founder of Chew, the live streaming community that connects a new generation of DJs, producers and personalities. Having built his career in music and media companies AEI Media and Vice, he noticed young fans today are no longer passive consumers but content creators as well. Launching Chew in January 2015 the community has exploded internationally in the first year and Ben has received press and industry notice, being awarded the IMS Visionaries award last year. Ben continues to build and expand Chew internationally throughout 2016.
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