Working with OneFest – Introducing Young People to the Live Music Industry

Working with OneFest – Introducing Young People to the Live Music Industry

It’s hard starting out in the music industry. In a “who you know” world, how do you get that first introduction? That first project?

There are some really great organisations helping young people get a leg up in music. And it was through one (The Young Guns Network) that I heard of the other – OneFest.

OneFest is a not-for-profit supporting young people who want to get into the industry as a manager, booker, promoter or any other profession. Starting as an experiment last year the project is continuing in full force this year. The goal, to promote a 4 day conference and music event at the Round House in May. The projects seen some amazing support so far from of PRS, the Music Managers Forum and the Association of Independent Festivals as well as Frank Turner leading the music programming and taking the role of the projects figurehead for 2016/17.

I’ve been involved since last year. I’m really excited to support any project that helps young people build a presence in the industry.

I’ll make sure to post more soon and I hope to see you at the Round House next May!



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