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Why DJs Need to do More Than Mix – Spotify Party

Everyone is a DJ. It’s true more and more every day. But as is the way with technology, the democratisation of the skill does not …

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Soulection Release White Label Series on BitTorrent

It’s really interesting to see legal uses of BitTorrent for music. Interested to hear the response and thanks Soulection for…

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Bringing Chew’s Users into the Business with Seedrs

From day one Chew has been about a community. All other mediums in the last 5 years have seen the rise of independent content creators who have become true celebrities in their own right. From Youtubers to gaming stars, why should music be any different. Every day more content is created on Chew that one […]

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New features in Facebook

As the dominant platform. What Facebook publishes is a good sign of current trends. Two recent announcements from the company have caught my eye for that reason. Tickets You can now buy tickets right in the Facebook app. Ticketing apps have been around for years, but players like Dice are finding new ways to curate […]

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Trap time @ Herzeloyde x KRNE

Trap time @ Herzeloyde x KRNE

Become A DJ Podcast #007 – Interview with Ben Bowler from Chew and mix by Lucien Biscop

A couple of weeks ago I sat down at the BECOMEADJ studio in Shepherds Bush to speak on my background, successes and challenges with Chew so far.

The studio has a great community of DJs and producers who have quickly picked up on streaming sets from the studio on a regular basis – their next show is tonight. Watch BECOMEADJ on Chew.

Another great interview from this podcast series is with Dan Formless of Hoxton Forward Movement.

We’ve reached 30,000 Shows!

chewtv: Since starting Chew earlier this year, our primary goal has been to create the simplest and most engaging way for DJs to share their performance to a global audience.  This week, we crossed our latest milestone heading towards that goal.  Our DJs have created an astronomical 30,000 Shows on Chew. That, simply put, is […]

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chewtv: ADE 2015 is set to be one of the biggest and most exciting events the attendees have seen in the conference’s 19 year history.  We here at Chew have got a front row ticket to a slice of the action on Friday 16th October. We’ve teamed up with the world-famous RAM Records for the […]

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