I love to chat but with Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and Email… there are so many ways for the message to get lost in an inbox. A fact made worse by my intermittent connections as I travel to countries outside my “Feel at Home” phone plan.

So while I’m traveling, here are the best ways to get in touch with me:

Response in 1 month:

If you’re messaging me about a non urgent work project, and event or anything else that’s non urgent then email is the best bet. I clear my inbox every month when I stop to work:


Response in 1 week:

All the chat apps are really useful to keep in touch with friends and new contacts and hosts around the world. Most of the time though I can only get to these channels when I find a wifi connection. Add me and lets chat:

Whatsapp: +447983883035

Messenger: benbowler

Response in 1 day:

If you want to get at me to offer somewhere to stay for the night or something urgent, good old SMS should work in most countries, even if it costs me a few pennies to receive and reply. So text me yo.


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