Future Music Conferences

Future Music Conferences

Some of the best conversations I’ve had all year came at International Music Summit, midem and Amsterdam Dance Event. Building connections and partnerships, meeting idols in the industry that I hope to be working with for the coming decade.

But coming from the split music and startup world, there’s often a real disconnection between industry specific discussions from one group to another. It’s perfectly understandable considering the incentives and experience of both parties. There’s definitely a protectionist tone that comes across when panels are dominated by labels and management who furiously defend their artist and content. On the other side at music pitch events the mention of licensing content for apps and music appears a total after thought in a lot of cases. All of this and the best conversations are had, not on the stage, but at the hotel bar in closed groups.

Music conferences are often a talking point for me with executives and founders I know. In every case we see eye to eye. Just as there is a change in guard in celebrity in the DJ world the same will happen in music. This leads to the question where will this event come from and in what form. I’ve heard some interesting online and one day events coming up in London this year and am speaking at FastForward conference in Amsterdam this February as well. One of these events could soon unite the new and future industry leaders.

I’ll report back from FastForward in February. If you’re going to Amsterdam lets meet

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