Ben Around the World Diary – Day 43 – 16th September 2018

Ben Around the World Diary – Day 43 – 16th September 2018

  • ODO 4942km
  • Location Sivas
  • Weather 5-26

I slept beautifully thanks to a new set of earplugs I bought to drown out the snores of the hostel room in Göreme. Waking a little before sunrise to pack up quickly and head back onto the Sunday highway. Quieter than the day before. 100km rolled by before lunch with only a couple of road blocks for drunk drivers stopping me in the road. At each one I slowed down a little and the Polis approached me. I’m a little intimated by the authorities in Turkey. There are a lot more guns on hips than I’m used to. But each time they ask where are you from. Or wave in encouragement.

For the last 30km, I was in for a real treat. The old highway rolled up and over some shallow hills. Warn red and orange with channels splitting and splitting patterns of geologically striped gullies. The road wound up past one or two houses and I would through several beards of cows waving at the shepherd boys and skirting their dogs. From the mountains I descended into the town of Sivas. As the sun was setting I felt a hotel was in order so I found a cheap clean little spot and settled in. For the price it’s definitely something I’ll consider more often.


Hi, my names Ben and I’m traveling around the world with my bike, my paraglider and my laptop. Along the way I’m sharing the highs and lows of the life on the road. And my picks of the best places to bikepack, enjoy freeflight and work as a digital nomad. Each week I share a new video update, city guide or live streams with other adventurers I’ve met along the way.
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